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                              “We Find Down to Earth Tools To live a Healthy Lifestyle”

We are a family of “Healthy Hippies”  That live in Columbia, Missouri in the USA. Healthy Hippie Rx is about being healthy physically, spiritually and mentally.  We believe that connecting to the earth’s magnetic field, drinking clean spring water, eating healthy whole organic food, and living a simple God centered life will get you there. Our family of hippies use food, herbs and clean water as medicine to keep us healthy. 20 years ago our little hippie family of 5 was hit by illness and big pharma couldn’t help us. They just made things worse. Our head hippie (Melody) went in search of a treatment and found healing through the earth’s magnetic field. The world is electronically evolving at a fast pace. The Electronic magnetic fields also known as EMF are hurting us. EMF’s are positively charged frequencies that are passing though our bodies. When you are grounded to the earth’s negative magnetic field the EMF’s go around your body not through. When the positive frequencies go through your body it damages your cells and can cause cell death. These dead cells aka” Zombie cells,” can cause cancer and other diseases. There are dozens of scientific studies that prove it causes inflammation and many chronic diseases. Healthy Hippie Rx will help you get plugged back into the earth’s magnetic field that will help heal you with earthing and grounding products. No need to fear Healthy Hippie is here. Melody also found clean spring water and  whole organic food and herbs. God had it there the whole time, so now our family of 15 hippies are healthy. Healthy Happy Hippies! We are determined to help others find the cure to what ails them. As we find things to improve our health we will put them on our website as inexpensive as possible that top all other products on the market. If it doesn’t help us then it won’t be on this web site. We invest into trying everything so you don’t have to. We will also post helpful videos on the truth of what is harming us and the possible cures .We want you to be healthy like us. While we look for the best products that keep you healthy, Drink Spring Water, eat organic and go barefoot as much as possible. Also, don’t forget to exercise and stretch. Stay healthy and happy and try some good old fashion sleep. 🙂

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. You can also call 573-424-0624.

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