Healthy Hippie Rx, Earthing/Grounding,Full Fitted Sheet,Gray,15″ Pockets, Double Snaps on Each Side,5% Pure Silver Woven Throughout Cotton Fabric 16′ Grounding Cord


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INCLUDES:1 Full Size Earthing / Grounding Fitted sheet with 15″ deep pockets, 1-16′ grounding cord and an outlet tester. 500TC soft organic cotton woven with 5%  anti-microbial silver for earthing / grounding . A safe and comfortable way to ground to healing earth energies while you sleep. The earth is negatively charged and the Wifi, cellphone towers and radio frequencies are positively charged. By sleeping on a grounded sheet it prevents the signals from going through your body. These electrical signals hurt your cells and cause illness. Grounding to the earth’ magnetic field will protect you while you sleep. -Sleep on grounding sheets so you can experience effortless health benefits and electrostatic shielding protection. 5% Silver grid cloth fabric also helps guard against and reduce fatigue caused by exposure to your computer, pc, electronics and other sources of EMF discharge. May take up to a few weeks to notice changes as healing therapy is gradual. HEALTH BENEFITS—— By using our grounded sheets people may experience positive health benefits. Such as deeper sleep, less stress, more energy, improved circulation, reduced inflammation and faster recovery from trauma. It can accelerate wound healing, relief of muscle headaches and muscle tension, reduced menstrual symptoms, reduced or eliminated chronic pain, and bring you back a natural feeling of wellness SATISFACTION GUARANTEE—— If you are unhappy for any reason with our /Ground products does not work will will refund your money. We need contact with the earth to keep our electrical systems in balance. NASA figured this out. Our very health depends upon this most basic requirement. With modern life we rarely are in direct contact with the earth, with insulated shoes, insulated housing, cars, and artificial landscaping. This direct contact with the earth is what keeps our ion exchange in balance and is directly connected to being and healthy. Any Questions Please call ~Healthy Hippie Rx at 573-424-0624