Why Grounding To The Earth is Necessary!!

5-G is here! It’s time to panic! Now the cell phone companies are talking about 10- G . I understand it’s convenient and information it in your hand, but It’s hurting you.  I saw my grandson with his phone in his front pocket near my future generation and asked him, “why are you hurting my great grand children.” It’s been proven it lowers  count and deforms sperm. I want to put shields on my grand daughters ovaries. Do you think I am crazy? Then all the scientific research from Stanford, Harvard and other Ivy league Universities are crazy. I don’t mind being smart crazy. Our environment is becoming more toxic everyday. I love being healthy. However with the electromagnetic fields (EMF) It’s making us all sick. We all know living next to a electric power transformer causes cancer. That’s electricity in wires. Cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, radio frequencies, smart meters etc., is electricity out side of wires. When these frequencies go through your body they damage your cells. this causes all kinds of illnesses. From inflammation, fibromyalgia, brain fog, cancer, headaches, tinnitus, infertility, headaches and I could go on….personally I think it’s making people crazy and not the good kind. The dumb crazy. Look around. If you ground yourself the frequencies go around you and not through you. The earth is negatively charged. EMF’s are positively charged. The magnetic field of the earth can heal you. When you sleep grounded, your body has a chance to heal itself . If you ground at work when your in front of your computer, you wont feel so drained. The more high tech we become the sicker we become. It’s not about age, but how you feel. I believe we need to help ourselves by protecting our bodies and your families bodies. Especially our children. Please~ Ground yourself, walk barefoot when you can. balance your life and be happy. Also, eat well, exercise, take supplements and be kind and at peace. If I can help someone feel better, it makes my day. Thank you for reading this,